How To Place An Order

I offer all clients that are ordering a wedding cake a 45-minute  consultation from my home cake studio.  Usually the first point of contact is to contact me via Facebook or email via my website or phone to discuss a few options and provide photos if you have any to work off.  (Not all customers opt for a consultation some prefer to do all correspondence via messages and this is fine also)

What To Expect At A Consult

Should you come for a consultation I ask you to bring along with you any samples of colours design ideas and themes you are following a small sample of colour or style of your bouquet, anything that you have drawn inspiration from for your occasion.  It helps greatly if you have an idea of the general style, colours flowers.

It is also advised to have a general budget in mind before arriving, it helps if you are upfront with your estimated budget, I work with all sorts of budgets however it is helpful to know what numbers you are comfortable with so I can best design a cake with that in mind, this will help both parties to eliminate disappointment and frustration once a quote has been provided.

At the time of your consult we will discuss design possibilities taking into consideration size, style, colours required and your budget.  I will also offer you taste test samples to take home and try in the comfort of your own home.

Once we have come up with a general style you would like I will then correspond with you and provide you with a quote and breakdown of the design that has been discussed and decided upon.  In the quote it will also provide you with my bank information and instructions on what you do next to secure your cake order.

Save The Date

It is not uncommon for clients to be unsure of exactly what they want and for this reason you can choose to pay a $100 non-refundable deposit that will lock in/save your date. By saving the date this will then save the date until such time as you can come and have a consult or confirm exactly what cake you would like.  The final design must be confirmed within 4 weeks of paying the save the date deposit.

Pricing & Sizes Of Cakes

Please refer to pricing and sizing chart and information regarding additional costs.

Delivery & Set Up

Should you require the cake to be delivered to your reception venue, then this can be arranged prices for delivery will vary.  Having your cake delivered and set up on site will ensure that the quality of the cake is not compromised and will be set up to look its best. (I allow 45 minutes for setting up a cake at your function ctr) if I am to add anything to your cake at the venue this needs to be available at time of cake delivery. I prefer to deliver all cakes that are more than 3 tiers so I can ensure safe delivery and ensure it is set up perfectly

Stand Hire

At Peta’s Elegant Cakes we offer the option to hire a number of different cake stands. Further information can be located on the home page under Stands Icon.
See Stand Hire page here